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dThis game was made for the "community game jam", hosted by CodeMystSykooBlackthornprod GamesDaniBrackeysAquaXVYilianTheDutchMagikarpDuxez · #CommunityGameJa. The Theme was: This game is a Liar!

About the game:

3-4 randomly generated "dudes" will spawn on the screen. They have different hats, facial expressions, shirts, trousers and shoes. Your job is to complete a statements which will be generated each round, but you have to lie in order to succeed!

About the colors:

Colors are very important for this game. I used the color palette that was available for the apple II computer which was released in 1977. I just love the atmosphere they create. Read more about the colors.

Have fun!!!

Install instructions

These are executables. You should be able to run the game without an installation wherever you want! :)


There is a Dude.zip 28 MB
ThereIsADude.x86_64 34 MB
ThereIsADude.dmg 33 MB

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